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„Tanfords Garten“: Der Leipziger Künstler Timm Kregel hat die Kunst am Bau des Proteinzentrums gestaltet. (Foto: Maike Glöckner)

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Opening Symposium Charles Tanford Protein Centre (CTP)

The Scientific Opening Symposium was attended by more than 200 participants, with a welcoming address from Professor J. Alexander Tanford, son of Charles Tanford.

09.00-09.05IntroductionMilton T. Stubbs
09.05-09.15Alexander Tanford
09.15-09.55Chair: Milton T. StubbsNick Pace, Texas A&M University, USA:
Forces Stabilizing Proteins: from Tanford/Kauzmann to the present
09.55-10.35Sir Alan Fersht, Cambridge UK
From Basic Protein Folding to Rescuing Mutant p53
11.05-11.45Chair: Stefan HüttelmaierIrmgard Sinning, University of Heidelberg
Structural Basis of co-translational protein folding
11.45-14.00Lunch break; Posters
14.00-14.40Chair: Andrea SinzMichal Sharon, Weizmann-Institute, Israel: Regulation of the 20S Proteasome by a Novel Family of Inhibitory Proteins
14.40-15:20Stefan Knapp, University of Frankfurt: Structural Plasticity of Protein Kinases: Implications for their Regulation and the Design of Selective Inhibitors
15.20-15:50Coffee break; Posters
15.50-16:30Chair: Carla SchmidtReinhard Fässler, MPI Martinsried:
Genetic analysis of adhesion signalling in mice
16.30-17:10Reinhard Lührmann, MPI Göttingen:
Novel mechanistic insights into the inner workings of the human spliceosome by combined biochemical and Cryo-EM studies
17.10Concluding remarksMilton T. Stubbs

Programme, Opening Symposium Charles-Tanford-Proteinzentrum
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