Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

„Tanfords Garten“: Der Leipziger Künstler Timm Kregel hat die Kunst am Bau des Proteinzentrums gestaltet. (Foto: Maike Glöckner)

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Suggestions for Speakers

Formalities of your presentation

In general, you can orientate yourself on the following:

  • Talk time: 15 - 20 min., then ca. 10 min. discussion
  • Talk language: English
  • Presentation: PPT/PPTX or PDF on ctPhDs laptop,
    no restriction with own device

A secrecy or non-disclosure agreement must be excluded during the ctPhD meeting. Therefore, please coordinate the content of your talk with your professor / supervisor!

Content of your presentation

The content of your presentation is up to you, you have no restrictions on what you want to tell the audience. Your current research topic, a new idea, an interesting method ... maybe something of everything? Your decision!

An exemplary presentation structure

IntroductionWho are you? With whom do you work?2
TopicWhat are you working on or with?3
GoalsWhat do you plan to achieve in your field?2
MethodsWhich tools, procedures etc. do you use?3
Results, DiscussionWhat have you achieved so far?3
OutlookWhat are you planning to achieve?2